dinsdag 25 oktober 2011

BERM/DATE update

Kristina Benjocki talks about her work on november 16
AFK is doing a presentation on november 21
TrueTRueTRue is showing books at the bookfair november 13.

zondag 9 oktober 2011

New names BERM/DATE and printing posters!

Alma Mathijsen is participating BERM/DATE during the Poetry and Publication day, sunday the 13th of november. She is an artist and a writer and recently got her novel 'Alles is Carmen' published at 'De Bezige Bij'. Also participating that day is Rekult, a group of people that spread the word for 'Zines': they will give a workshop 'How to make your own Zine?'.
Elise van Iterson, Anna van Gerve and Charlotte ten Raa will exhibit their drawings at the Drawing Exhibition starting at november 18.

Our designer is working hard to get the posters ready for BERM/DATE!